The role of GPS antenna

GPS systems are becoming more and more widely used in our lives, which is inseparable from the important role of GPS antennas. The following GPS antenna manufacturers will tell you the specific role of GPS antennas.

First: It is used to capture satellites and receive satellite positioning information, that is, to radiate and receive electromagnetic waves. Any high-frequency circuit, as long as it is not completely shielded, can more or less radiate electromagnetic waves to the surrounding space, or more or less receive electromagnetic waves from the surrounding space. According to the difference of GPS antennas, it can be divided into flat antennas and helical antennas. The helical antenna has a stronger ability to search for stars.

Second: Convert the electromagnetic wave energy of the radio signal from the satellite into the current that can be picked up by the receiver electronics, that is, energy conversion. Generally, for special equipment or vehicle-mounted equipment, there is often a certain distance between the equipment and the GPS receiving module, so in the real environment, a broken line of more than 1 meter may be used. But because the feeder has a lot of loss on the signal, in this case, only active GPS antennas can be selected.

The size and shape of the GPS antenna are very important.Because these characteristics determine the ability of the antenna to acquire weak GPS signals. GPS satellite signal is divided into L1 and L2, the frequency is 1575.42MHZ and 1228MHZ respectively, among them L1 is the open civilian signal, the signal is circular polarization. The signal strength is about -166DBM, which is a relatively weak signal. According to needs, the antenna can be designed to work on a single L1 frequency, or on two frequencies, L1 and L2.

Post time: Dec-13-2021