How to install the wireless antenna?

At present, wireless networks are becoming more and more popular, and the key component is the wireless antenna. This is because the wireless antenna is the hub of the wireless network, and the operation of all other components depends on the wireless antenna. When selecting an antenna for a specific application, the first thing you need to consider is the location of the antenna, and the second is how the antenna is installed.

Today we will have an in-depth discussion on the different installation methods of directional and omnidirectional antennas.

The following are some commonly used antenna and access point installation methods:

1. NEMA junction box installation

Generally, the access point or radio device is connected to the through-wall N-type female adapter or coaxial lightning arrester through a pre-stripped cable, and then the antenna is directly installed on the adapter or lightning arrester; This method can also realize the remote installation of the antenna.

2. Pole installation

Use the reinforced clip mount bracket that comes with omnidirectional antennas; The sector antenna uses two hinged clamps on the top and bottom; Yagi antennas and panel antennas use a tilting and tilting clamping system.

3. Building side wall installation

HGX-UMOUNT can be used to install the antenna on the side wall of the building, the female roof wall or under the eaves.

4. Mobile installation

Mobile installation is divided into several options including magnetic mounts and NMO through-wall mounts, and CA-AM1RSPA010 mobile installation cables are used.

5. Window installation

The suction cup can be installed on the window.

Outdoor access point installation.The access point generally adopts pole installation or wall installation; It may be necessary to protect access points, surge protectors and other equipment with NEMA junction boxes.

Post time: Dec-13-2021