High performance fiberglass antenna 868MHz/915MHz with 3meter cable

Short Description:


• ISM 868MHz/915MHz frequency

• Omni-directional

• IP65 Waterproof

• Groundplane independent

• Direct coaxial cable with SMA male connector

Product Detail

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Outdoor wall-mount omni-directional antenna 868MHz/915MHz is a high gain antenna with durable Construction. It can withstand the harsh outdoor environment. With high gain performance, it is good choice for areas of fringe or weak network signal.

High performance fiberglass antenna 868MHz915MHz with 3meter cable (6)
High performance fiberglass antenna 868MHz915MHz with 3meter cable (7)

Why you need the 915MHz fiberglass antenna?

If you need more distance for your LoRa project you need this incredibly durable, outdoor antenna with 8dBi gain. This 915MHz antenna is 550mm and includes hardware for pole mounting.

Made of fiberglass and aluminum this antenna is ideal for heavy-duty and high-power LoRa base stations but can be used with LoRa nodes as well.

Antenna has a type N male termination. When mounted vertically this shrouded connector helps prevent against water and weather build-up on the threads.

The composition of the 915MHz fiberglass antenna

The Fiberglass Antenna includes an antenna shell, an antenna cap, a base, an N-shaped male head, a radio frequency coaxial cable, a vibrator base, and a vibrator. The base and the N-shaped male head are matched and connected together, and the vibrator is fixedly installed inside the antenna shell and is in a straight line. In the arrangement, the vibrators are connected together by the vibrator base, one end of the radio frequency coaxial cable is fixed in the interior of the vibrator, the radio frequency coaxial cable passes through the vibrator base and the other end is fixed together with the N-shaped male connector.


• IoT networks -LoRA, LPWAN

• Metering

• IoT industrial

• Environmental monitoring

• Remote asset monitoring

• Agriculture

• Environmental Monitoring

• Urban Monitoring

Product specification

Antenna Type

ISM 915MHz outdoor antenna

Part Number


Frequency Range


Peak Gain




Beam Width

360° horizontal


Polarization Type


Maximum Input Power


Mounting way

L-bracket for wall or pole (U-Bolts)


Omni direction

Lightning Protection



Fiberglass Stainless steel



Rated Wind Velocity


Cable type

Low loss coax cable RG58

Cable length

3meter cable(customized length)


SMA male/N male/female(customized)

Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature


ROHS,CE Compliant


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